Technical Tips

Help Fuel Your Business.
When it comes to a fuel system repair, it pays to be thorough and precise. Just one micron of debris can seize an impeller, causing the pump to fail.
Careful examination and testing is necessary.
Examine the entire fuel delivery system before condemning the fuel pump. Start by listening to the fuel pump when the key is turned to the run position. If you can’t hear it buzz or hum for two seconds, the fuel pump may not be operating correctly.
Examine the fuel tank and fuel module bucket for contamination. Make sure to check the condition of the fuel. Some contaminants are visible; problems such as the wrong fuel type (e.g., ethanol) are not.
Inspect the fuel pump electrical connector for signs of damage.
Drain and clean the fuel tank before installing the new part.
Don’t forget to replace the fuel filter and strainer as well.

  • Bosch
  • Delphi
  • Denso
The Bosch brand is recognized within the automotive industry and specifically aftermarket as one of the most trusted and preferred OE brands. Our tireless effort to continue innovating new quality products is realized by our largest Original Equipment vehicle manufacturers. We are an innovator in some of the latest fuel system designs and products and continue to keep pace with the evolving category from our patented turbine technology to our new brushless pumps.  More info
Delphi puts over 100 years of under-the-hood experience into every part we make. It’s no wonder we back our fuel parts with a lifetime warranty. We test them to be durable up to 150,000 miles — in up to 22 percent ethanol — so they deliver 100 percent satisfaction for you and your customers. Fuel parts for the top 25 manufacturers — and virtually every vehicle in your shop. Trust Delphi for your next fuel repair.  More info
DENSO is one of the world’s largest automotive component suppliers of advanced automotive technology and systems operating in over 30 countries. We supply every major auto manufacturer in the world, providing them with the quality and innovation they need to remain on the leading edge of automotive technology. For decades we have helped all of our customers to become giants in their industries. The DENSO commitment to quality, innovation, and advanced technology is the reason our automotive and heavy-duty components truly are better by design.  More info